Peckham’s community spirit is unbeatable and is one of the most ethnically diverse districts of an already diverse city. Our aim is to not only showcase Peckham to the world but also bring the world to Peckham.

The multi-faceted TEDxPeckham team are working together to develop the first ever TEDxPeckham event. It is no easy feat but we are really excited about showcasing the community and building relationships with local partners and sponsors who share our vision. Above all, we continue in our aim to both educate and entertain.

Our ambition for TEDxPeckham is to always deliver celebration, challenge and curiosity.

Linda Ayoola

Linda is a Banker, Writer and Manager. Her experience spans across numerous industries particularly the finance, arts and music industry.

Passionate about helping others, and championing others to tell their own stories, it was no surprise she was awarded the licence for TEDxPeckham in December 2016. She retells her own stories on her blog, Asklychee.

Stories about being a christian, being a woman, being lost and about all the other many facets that constitute her being.

Tomi Sodimu

Tomi is a Senior Social Worker, whose specialism is working with children and their families. Tomi has a deep-rooted passion for helping others to see past their current circumstances, in order to achieve their full potential.

She enjoys writing as a form of self-expression and has turned this into a blog. Her blog aims to encourage people to be their authentic self and to not succumb to societal pressures.

Tomi believes that we all have a story to tell and we owe it to the world to do so.