Why sponsor TEDxPeckham?

Without our sponsors and partners TEDxPeckham would not happen. We are a not-for-profit initiative, and all speakers and entertainers take part on a no-fee basis. Members of the TEDxPeckham organising team are all volunteers. We very much want to make TEDxPeckham accessible to a wide cross section of our community. To do this, we need your support!

If you are interested and would like to explore the opportunities, please do contact Linda Ayoola.

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What your sponsorship goes towards

  • TEDx speakers tackle humanity’s toughest questions, attempting to answer them with innovation, enterprise and enduring optimism.
  • Sponsoring TEDxPeckham offers a genuine opportunity to be involved in bringing together people who want to be inspired by remarkable thinking and ideas.
  • TEDxPeckham 2017 – “Think Again” – promises to be an amazing event.
  • Sponsoring us represents a unique opportunity to engage with the local community and to be part of this global revolution in education.
  • It offers increased awareness of your work and your association with TEDx.

Our 2017 Sponsors